I am an artist working with performance, participatory driven projects, workshops, interventions and installations. I am driven by a community involvement and interested in the psychological and social factors that affect people and makes us to whom we are. As well as the structures and norms that maintain different ideals and hierarchies (gender, class, ethnicity, sexuality, etc.).

Since august 2014 I’ve been working with THE SUSTAINABLE WOMAN, a project focusing on methods for survival and sustainability in life.
2012-2014 I was working in long-term processes with youths, exploring how artist along with participants can create open, norm-critical and trusting spaces for dialogue. I was collaborating with youths and culture institutions (Gothenburg Art hall, Culture School in Gothenburg, Youth initiative Arena 29); the work was also a part of MFA education in Contemporary Performative Arts, University of Music and Drama, in Gothenburg.

I am working in projects where I’m the auteur and performer and in projects where I’m the artistic director, facilitator/curator. I collaborate with artists, cultural actors, independent groups and institutions, and do work for art venues and theatres, public spaces, site and context specific places.

/Monique Wernhamn
August 2015

Monique Wernhamn