TAL TILL FOLKET – Megafonperformance på en balkong över ett torg

| YEAR: 2013 – ongoing | TECHNIQUE: communitywork – process and performance |

Artistic process and performance in cooparation with youths in Gothenburg and Verona. The project deals with the question: What is it to be young today? And the performance is about taking space and let your voice and thoughts be heard in the society.

Participants and performers: Hanna Nyberg, Lisa Norgren, Einar Thorén (in the process also Simone Norberg, Rosalie Götborg, Lovisa Wiklund). It was performed at Järntorget, Gothenburg, may 2014.


Participants and performers: Regina Braida, Caterina Panunho, Chiara Gaspari, Elisa Treglia, Giulia Valentinuzzi, Alice Campigotto. It was performed during the festival Verona Resona at Piazza Erbe, may 2013.

Monique Wernhamn