| YEAR: august 2014 – ongoing | TECHNIQUE: research process, performance, dialouge, event and experiment |

Follow process and projekt:

THE SUSTAINABLE WOMAN, is a project that aims at exploring how an artist/ woman/ human can be sustainable by finding a balance between work & private life.As an artist and a woman – in a patriarchal structure based on a neo-liberal and capitalistic logic, The Sustainable Woman still experiences a conflict between hard work, achievements, independence in her economy and a life based on other values; time, pleasure, relationships, prosperous. Therefore the project is focusing where the protagonist is searching for methods, external help and support on her living.

The project raises the questions ofHow to survive on one’s own artistic practice? What are the approaches and alternatives to a sustainable personal economy?”

Within the light of these questions, once more I experiment on the boundaries between private and public; life and art – by embedding my own life and home to an art project – a (reality) soap-opera format in real life.
Woven delicately between the facts of real life and a constructed artistic work; as the protagonist of all episodes, I use myself to make daily-life performances combined with participatory elements / events / performances in my home and in public spaces. I bring in other people, artists, researchers perspectives and theories. I try methods, situations and perform experiments to see what happens; physically, mentally, financially and socially.
The aimduring the project is to conduct 15 episodes in total, where the sustainable woman examines sustainability based on the subdivisions of health, economy, relationships, self-management. With a long-term goal to produce and publish an artist book, a documentation in picture and text, with all the completed episodes.

The project started with the event What do you think it is worth? in my appartment and continues with The sustainable girl (woman) moves away from home, to France. During a recsidency at PAF (Performing arts forum) in St Erme, I do reseach research for the project (aug-oct 2014). The process can be followed at the Instagram account: the_sustainable_woman

From the middle of october The sustainable woman having a residency in Gothenburg. I´m looking at private life, everyday life, artist life with new eyes. I am looking for job, financial support and contexts. As an artist the financial situation is always a dilemma, which was the starting-point for the performance The sustainable woman applying for job  at Pecha Cucha, Park Lane in Gothenburg.

Monique Wernhamn