En föreställning (A notion, A performance)

| YEAR: 2009 | TECNIQUE: installation, sound | SIZE: space 25m² |

En föreställning (The title in Swedish refer to both a notion and a performance) is a spatial and interactive installation, made specifically for Pannrummet at Gallery Konstepidemin in Gothenburg.

The project is about the woman, the mother and the child. About human vulnerability, about life and death, about expectations and demands, about to love and to be loved, about being stuck in what has been and what still is…
It is a scenographic world where the boundaries between space, performance and audience are being dissolved. The spectator becomes an active part of the installation and the actor in his own story. There is no fixed story, no truth, but there are clues. The spectator himself must find the relation between the clues. He creates his own images and beliefs about what is happening, what might have happened, whose story that is portrayed, whose perspective that is assumed and who’s eyes that is watching…

Sound in collaboration with musician Per Ottosson.
Lighting by Emma-Kara Nilsson.

Pannrummet, Gallery Konstepidemin, Gothenburg 2009

En föreställning



Monique Wernhamn