OPENING EVENT: BETWEEN YOU AND ME – Voices that moves across borders

OPENING EVENT: BETWEEN YOU AND ME – Voices that moves across borders
|YEAR: 2014 | TEKNIQUE: speech, performance, exhibition |
| SIZE: 3hours |

The event was created for the opening of the exhibition and project BETWEEN YOU AND ME – Voices that moves across borders at Gothenburg Art hall (8 feb2014). It consisted a opening speech by America Vera – Zavala, a performative speech by me as an artist / initiator and the performance Voices in a net by five youths from The space of liberation.


| YEAR: 2014 | TEKNIQUE: text, speech/performance | SIZE: 10min |

The speech is written for the event and exhibition. It was also part of the museum lessons I conducted for secondary school students during the exhibition period.

“When I was in my teens, I was the girl who…
Today I am 35years old…
Imagine the picture that I’m 100 years old and close my eyes for the last time.
Imagine that there is a party… “


| YEAR: 2014 | TEKNIQUE: performance/interpretation of a process | SIZE: 25min |

Performance and interpretation of the process in Frirummet (The space of liberation), by the youths Einar Thorén, Simone Norberg, Rosalie Götborg and Hanna Nyberg.
Photo: Lo Birgersson

rosterinat1They begin to wrap up the visitors, one by one, in red yarn. After a while a black and yellow warning tape is taped around the people in the net.
rosterinat2rosterinat3Paper with quotes, from video interviews in the exhibition, is distributed to the people in the network. These are read out loud, low and all talking at once, everyone who wants read their note aloud or waiting for any of the youths to do it…

rosterinat5“Freedom is to not have a lot of demands on yourself. Being able to choose yourself. Being able to be independent. Respect. That everyone respects each other; otherwise you will automatically have demands on yourself. “
“Freedom is a freshly-prepared slopes, sun and 2 degrees below zero.”
“I’m angry that people get more sympathy because they live in a wealthy country and not in a less developed country. It’s almost like racism. “
“I would be super hero in a movie. Help people. Solve the murder. Fly. ”
“I would ask a stranger: What do you regret in your life? It´s something you´re not asking so often, but it’s good to know I think. “


Monique Wernhamn