The last supper


| YEAR : 2017 | TECHNIQUE : Dialouge, performance, event |
|TIME: 3days

The last supper is a three-day dinner event that was conducted at Galler 54 in Gothenburg. The artwork is a dialogue and performance-based event, that is ongoing and developing during several days, both conceptually and formally. Together with invited guests we cook, eat, socialize and talk about what is sustainable, meaningful, meaningless, meaningless, joyful and fun in life. What does it mean to live and not only to survive. Each dinner had its specific questions, its own spatial form and how participants and audiences could interact.

For the process, I invited friends / colleagues to be co-workers of the work; Martin Ofersson, Mania Teimouri, Jennifer Caneva, Ann-Marie Martensson, Cha Blasco, Kristina Meiton, Astrid Askberger mfl.


How would your heavenly kingdom be – if you didn´t have to think about the consequences of tomorrow?

Guests are invited to a decadent dinner and party, visiters in the gallery can attend the party, eavesdrop, interact in the conversation and look at the guests eating.


Dinner 2: REBIRTH
Have you got any knowledes from your previous life that you want to bring in to your new life? How do you want to live this new life?
The guests were invited to reborn and to rebuild. We cooked together out from ingredients brought by the guests, we ate our first meal and started to shape the future through conversations. Visitors could take part in the event by a video projection outside of the gallery.


What do we bring, what do we leave behind us? How do we continue to shape life and future?

The visitors were invited to drink tea, eat leftovers, view the traces of the last supper and regeneration, and shape the future based on questions
formulated by the guests at dinner 2 .

Monique Wernhamn