BETWEEN YOU AND ME – Voices that moves across borders


Videointerviews (example)

Mellandigochmig_utställning2All 40 interviews shown in a cinema after each other, 4 hours of video, projektion size 3.60 m x 2.40 m.Mellandigochmig_utställning3The interviews were also shown in 6 of these booths, same video but shows 6-7 of films in each booth,  3 booths 50cm x 40cm, 3 booths 40 x 30cm
Mellandigochmig_utställning4Interactive wall, 4 x 2,5 meter

Mellandigochmig_utställning7 Mellandigochmig_utställning8On the wall there are quotes from the video interviews.

Mellandigochmig_utställning9The booths were placed in various areas at the Art hall. A red tape line linking different parts of the exhibition together.

| YEAR: 2014 | TECHNIQUE: Participatory driven projcet / Exhibition / Event |

Projects and exhibitions in cooperation with Gothenburg
Art hall and Burgårdens Lärcentrum (high school).

The exhibition consists of 3 parts:
-VIDEOINTERVIEWS with 23 youths and 17 adults
-VOICES IN A NET performance with five youths
(see Vernissage Event: BETWEEN YOU AND ME)

What is freedom for me – what is freedom for you? When is it okay to break the law? What makes you angry? What are you dreaming about? Which topics are never raised for discussion?

25 young adults were equipped with a camera, based on a screenplay they interviewed each other and elderly people in their surroundings. The dialouges moves across large and small substances like identity, everyday dilemmas, the outside world, dreams and fears. It touches on taboos and norms based on gender, age and ethnicity.

All the video interviews are displayed as a 4 -hour work in a cinema inside the Art hall, the films are also shown in the six “booths of confession” (as pictured), which shows 6-7 of films in each booth, these are available as placed in various areas at the Art hall.

OPENING EVENT: BETWEEN YOU AND ME – Voices that moves across borders
The event that I curate included: opening speech by America Vera – Zavala, a performative speech by me as an artist / initiator and the performance Voices in a net by five youths from The space of liberation.

Mellandigochmig_utställning5-What would you like to ask a friend? (Or a partner, parent, teacher, politician, unknown, 100-years-old…)

Mellandigochmig_utställning6-In what place and in what clothing would you like to be filmed?

Monique Wernhamn