The mirror – Cairos

THE MIRROR – CAIROS – The river of shards
| YEAR: 2013 | TECHNIQUE: set design: spatial design |
| SIZE: 1 stage room |

“Juli in the river of shards.
Is one part of the performance Mirror-Cairos, choreographed by Eva Ingemarsson.
Premiere at Atalante in Gothenburg 18 Sept in 2013.
Dancers July Apponen and Anna Bergström. Opera song Tobias Rudåker.
Eight people at a time are escorted to the three different rooms. In each room, they meet an actor in a highly personal, visual theatrical action. During the performance the actors tell their own notion of experiences and perceptions of identity and gender. “

-Quote Eva Ingmarsson

Atalante, Gothenburg 2013

Monique Wernhamn