The sustainable woman takes one hour vacation from stress

Part of the project The Sustainable woman

| YEAR: 2015 | TECHNIQUE: Intervention, sound, performance | TIME: 60min |

One hour of relaxation exercise recoded with the sustainable woman’s own voice was played out Västtrafiks loudspeakers at Hammarkullen tram station in Gothenburg, where The Sustainable Woman was in place and performed the exercise.

“Now a moment of deep relaxation will follow, in a sitting or lying position. That means, the body position you prefer. This mental vacation, can you use when you need to wind down, de-stress and restore balance physically and mentally. You can also use this moment to find your own inspiration and strength that you need right now in your life. Maybe you find something that gives you the replenishment of energy that later on can give you strength and inspiration to deal with everyday life. When you listen, you follow my instructions, until you notice that you no longer hear my words deliberately. You will still hear when it’s time to wake up, even if you’re not thinking about it. And you will wake up when I say so, unless you want to allow yourself to dream on or fall asleep until it suits you to wake up. “

Photo: Elin Wikström

Monique Wernhamn