| YEAR: 2015 | TECHNIQUE: directing, stage design,
costumes |
SIZE: 60min, 1 set design, 2 costumes |

A performance about the modern parenthood.
About how and why we become, or not become, parents.
About childless and childfree. About longing, upbringing, fears and power.
About standards, ideal families, expectations and life- long relationships.
Realism and imagination, deadly serious and poetry.
Is parenting an impossible project? Is it possible to write a waterproof project plan for how we raise a competent child and at the same time keep the relationships, career and personal development alive? What do we sacrifice and what do we win?

A performance by the Theatre Eksem;
Susanna Vildehav, Mia Källgren (actors),
Pia Nordin (director/choreographer) and Monique Wernhamn (director/set design)
Music and sound: Cha Blasco
Performed at Amanda’s Theatre, Gothenburg

foraldraskapet_rum_web The audience are participants in a course. The stage room starts in a “lecture hall” that breaks up later on.

Photo: Anna-Carin Isaksson (left), Cha Blasco (above)

Teater Eksem, Gothenburg, 2015

Monique Wernhamn