Monique Wernhamn, born 1979, lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden

I ́m working with socially engaged, performative and participatory projects. 2014 I got a (second) MFA in CONTEMPORARY PERFORMATIVE ARTS, where I developed participatory project with youths, exploring how to create open and trustful spaces for dialogue and participation.

Since 2014 I ́m working with THE SUSTAINABLE WOMAN (TSW), an art and life research project that aims at exploring social and economic sustainability, work and human value. In the project I, The Sustainable Woman, is searching for and trying out strategies and utopian alternatives to survive and become more sustainable in an unsustainable contemporary society. As a high- performing woman and artist with precarious work situation, I find my situation untenable. It ́s hard to find a balance between work and leisure, between internal and external demands, between time, economy and well- being. This has led to periods of burnout. TSW is the tool, framework and method by which I as artist filter my thoughts and ideas, turn around and twist them into interpretations. I use myself as artistic material, as the protagonist and guinea pig for experiments, performative actions and participatory events. I bring in other people, artists, researchers perspectives and theories. Invite them to explore methods, situations and perform experiments collectively to see what happens; physically, mentally, financially and socially.

Between 2014-2019 I ́ve done several participatory projects, solo exhibitions, dinner events, performances and commissioned works: 2017/2018 CULTURAL CENTRE BACKAPLAN a dialogue / urban development project where workshops with pupils and seniors should become a public work in 2020. In collaboration with Cultural administration in Gothenburg (Gbg) and district Lundby. 2016/2017 Participatory project: TSW EXAMINES THE SUSTAINABILITY, LIFE ANDF DREAMS AT SOLSIDAN, with mentally ill people, in collaboration with Skövde art museum and social services. 2016 Participatory project: WHAT IS A WORK? TSW EXAMINES WORK AND SUSTAINABILITY TOGETHER WITH NINE ASSISTANTS, Skövde art museum. The process became 2017 the artwork/installation WHAT IS A WORK? VERSION 1. Commissioned by Skövde art museum. 2017 Exhibition/dinner event: THE LAST SUPPER, Gallery 54, Gbg 2016 Exhibition/dinner/performative events: WHAT DO YOU NEED HELP WITH, WHAT CAN YOU CONTRIBUTE WITH? Cultural house Frölunda, Gbg 2016 Exhibition/performative event: TSW ́S FEEDBACK CLINIC, Steneby exhibition hall. Created during a residency at Academy of Art and Craft HDK-Steneby, Dals långed.

The last two years I have focused on developing projects, methods and interdisciplinary (collaborative) work. I have been at residency in India to explore Indian women’s working / living conditions by cooking and eating together. Formulated a research project around work and sustainability based on performative dinner events. Been part of (one of tree case-studies) in architect/urbanist Jon Geibs PHD-research. Started to work on a film, in which I seek creative solutions to become more sustainable myself, together with filmmaker / producer Kristina Meiton. Now I ́m planning for a tour with The Sustainable Womans feedback-clinic in region Västra Götaland (VGR) during autumn 2020, supported by City Council of Gbg and region VGR.

Beside my artistic project I do scenography/costume for theaters, art educational assignments and lectures for art educations, museums, elementary schools. 2019 I started to work part time as teacher in filmmaking for Culture school district Hisingen, Gbg. In a development project to broadened recruitment and reach new target groups. 2009-2016 I worked as project leader for cultural project, district ÖH, Gbg.

Monique Wernhamn

Monique Wernhamn