Monique Wernhamn, born 1979, lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden

Space Beyond interdisciplinary lab arranged by Kultur i Väst and region Värmland (1week)

2019 Space 118, Bombay and Palette People, Vagamon, India (2 months)

2017 Ricklundgården, Saxnäs, Sweden (2 weeks)

2016 Academy of Art and Craft HDK-Steneby, Dals Långed, Sweden (2 months)

2014 Performing Arts Centre, St Erme, France (2 months)

PERFORMANCE / EXHIBITIONS / PROJECTS (in selection 2020-2013)
upcoming Performance/deltagande event The Sustainable Woman´s feedback-klinik on tour. Tour in public spaces in Gothenburg and region Västra Götaland, autumn 2020, in collaboration with institutions and communes in the region.

2020 upcoming Public work (commission) Cultural centre Backaplan (part 2), Backaplan, by Cultural Administration in Gothenburg (Gbg) and district Lundby

2019 Solo exhibition and performative event: The Sustainable Womans feedback-klinik, GU, Jonsereds Herrgård. Performance during conference EuroEnviro2019: Interdiciplinary Solutions for Sustainable Development.

2019 Process/event: Do you have time to come for dinner? With tribal community in nature reserve Aarey, in collaboration with ArtOxygen, Bombay, India2017  Solo exhibition/dinner event: The last supper, Gallery 54, Gbg

2017 Dialogical project : Cultural centre Backaplan (part 1) a dialogue and urban development project with children and youths, in collaboration with Cultural Administration in Gbg and district Lundby.

2017 Artwork / installation What is a work? The Sustainable Woman examines work and sustainability with nine assistants. Version 1. Commissioned by Skövde Art Museum, Skövde2016,

2017 Participatory driven project; The Sustainable Woman examines the sustainability, life and dreams at Solsidan (the sunny side), together with mentally ill people, in collaboration with Skövde Art Museum and Social Services, Skövde

2016 Solo exhibition and performative events: What do you need help with, what can you contribute with? Cultural house Frölunda, Gbg

2016 Performance lecture: The Sustainable Womans Feedback Clinic, Artistic research Conference, Nordic Summer University University (NSU), Finland.

2016 Participatory driven project, what is a work? The Sustainable Woman examines work and sustainability together with nine assistants, Skövde Art Museum, Skövde

2016 Performance The misunderstood geniuses get help from the audience to make a performance that is interesting to see and experience, Winter Symposium, Nordic Summer University, Latvia. Has also been performed at the 13th festival, Konstepidemin, Gbg 2016.

2016 Exhibition/Performance/Participatory event The Sustainable Woman’s Feedback Clinic, Steneby exhibition hall, Dals Långed

2015 Dinner event The Sustainable Woman and philosopher invites you to a dinner event, collaboration with philosopher Corinna Casi (based in Helsinki), in artist apartment, Gbg.

2015 Performance-lecture The Sustainable Woman, City Library in Gbg.

2015 Performance-lecture The Sustainable Woman applying for a paid position, a lover, playmates, friends and collaborators, NSU, Lithuania.

2015 Intervention/performance (ongoing project); The misunderstood geniuses, in several public spaces, with director and performer Henrik Andersson

2015 Intervention/performance The Sustainable Woman takes one-hour vacation from stress Hammarkullen Tram station, Gbg

2015 Performance 3780, in collaboration with Camilla Boström, 13festival, Konstepidemin, Gbg

2014 Performance-lecture The Sustainable Woman applying for job, Pecha Cucha, Gbg

2014 Event What do you think it is worth? In artist apartment, Gbg

2014 Solo exhibition/event/performance Between you and me – Voices that moves across borders Göteborgs Konsthall (Art hall of Gbg) Participatory-driven project in collaboration with youths and institutions. Exhibition and events were conducted and curated by me; it includes exhibition, performance by youths, opening speech by America Vera-Zavala, as well as talk by me as artist /initiator.

2014 Performance-Lecture Between you and me – Participatory driven processes and works together with youths, Glashuset Valand Academy of Art, Gbg

2014 Performance Speech to the people – Megaphone performance on a balcony over a square, Gbg and festival Verona Resona, Italy (2013)

2013 Frirummet (A space of liberation) context specific project with youths, Arena 29, Gbg

ASSIGNMENTS / WORK EXPERIENCE (in selection 2020-2013)
Ongoing teacher in filmmaking for Culture school Hisingen, Gbg. In a development project to broadened recruitment and reach new target groups.

2009- Ongoing Workshops/musiumlessons (about a 100 in art, design and performance) for elementary school, high school students, art students, seniors, teachers…) for clients as: Culture city council of Gbg, Gothenburg Arthall, Culture School in Gbg (different districts), Culture house Frölunda

2018 Lecture Dialogical project : Cultural centre Backaplan , Cultural Administration Gbg

2018 Panel talk Formandet av den perfekta människan (The formation of the perfect human), ABF, Mölndal2017 Lectures, Cultural Administration Gbg, in different contexts.2016 Guest teacher KV Art School, Gothenburg

2016-2009 Project leader/artist for art and culture projects in elementary schools, at Culture School Örgryte-Härlanda, Gbg 2015 Consultant /Exhibition design for exhibition of architect / PHD student Jonathan Gieb, Culture house Frölunda, Gbg

2015 Director/set-designer to Föräldraskapet (Parenthood), by Theatre Eksem

2014, 2013 Workshops; at Art council of Gbg, Göteborgs Konsthall, Culture school, Academy of music and drama etc.

2013 Set-design/costume to Sånglösa, by artistic director/composer Niklas Rydén, Atalante, Gbg

2013 Set-design to Spegeln, by choreographer Eva Ingmarsson, Atalante, Gbg

2013 Project leader/artist: “Develop contemporary art as subject in Culture school”, Culture school Örgryte-Härlanda, Gbg

Skövde Art Museum

GRANTS (in selection)
Art council of Gbg, project grant, Art council of region Västra Götaland, development grant

2018 Art council of Sweden, 1 year working grant2016 Art council of Gbg, project grant; Steneby working grant; Art council of Sweden travel grant; Konstnärernas hjälpfond stipend

2015 Art council of Gbg, culture stipend; Fredrika Bremer Association

2014 Art council of Gbg, project grant; Association grant, Majorna Linne


MFA. Contemporary performative arts, 120p Academy of Music and Drama (HSM), University of Gothenburg (GU)

2004-2006 MFA. Textile Art, 120p Academy of Arts and Crafts (HDK), GU

2003-2004 Fashion, Danish Design School, Copenhagen

2000-2003 BA Fashion Design, 180p Academy of Arts and Craft HDK-Steneby, GU


COURSES (in selection)
2018 Eat – food culture, materiality and design, 15p HDK, GU

2018, 2017 Introduction to Research Within the Arts (part 1 & part 2) 7,5p & 7,5p, HDK, GU

2015 Participant in lab and conference Translate, Intertwine, Transgress Moderna Museet, Stockholm

2012 Workshop with Marilyn Arsem and Tanya Mars, International Live Action studies, Gbg

2012 Workshop with Daniel Wentzel (Rimini Protokoll), participants in the seminar Expanding territories, Oslo

2011 Site-specific and context-specific art in public space, 7.5p, Valand Academy, GU

Board member in theatre Aftonstjärnan.

2018 ongoing Board member, one of the founder artist association You are what you art.

2015 Part of the performance duo The misunderstood geniuses with Henrik Andersson (initiated 2015)

Monique Wernhamn